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About Us

About Us

Corporate Overview

Rebel One World Wide is a full service limousine company which prides itself on customer-oriented, professional services.  The idea of customer satisfaction is the driving force behind the hard work and dedication of the Rebel One World Wide team.

Our Approach

Our approach has always been to…

  • Provide customer comfort and satisfaction
  • Develop long-term relationships
  • Pay attention to even the smallest details
  • Operate in a continual partnership mode with our clients
  • Perform with a high degree of competency and ethics
About Us

Our Capabilities

Building on our early success, we developed extensive capabilities in focused areas, such as…

  • Making customer needs our priority
  • Providing professional and experienced chauffeurs
  • Going the extra mile to make sure our service is the best
  • Guaranteeing the privacy and confidentiality of our clients
  • Providing additional services as needed:
    • Airport Greeter Services
    • Security Personnel
    • Specialty Concierge Services

Servicing Major US Cities

We directly service the NYC Metropolitan Area from Southern Connecticut, NY and NJ and Eastern Pennsylvania.  Additionally, by utilizing our Affiliates in other major US Cities, we can support your ground transportation needs whenever you leave our named service area for business, fun, or other reasons. Let us know your travel needs!


Need Global Transportation

Need Global transportation?  Working with our Global Affiliates, Rebel One World Wide can assist you outside of the US as well.

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